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     First Session

            GET CLARITY!

First, thank you very much for contacting us. After you've scheduled your first session, take a moment to breathe. You've made a significant first step in gaining clarity. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete some paperwork. 
There will be a clipboard on a chair in the lobby. Usually, a post-it note is attached and will read the time of your appointment with a message that says: "Please complete this packet and upon completion, switch on the light for the therapist you are here to see" with the therapist's name. 

Your therapist will soon walk out, so in the meantime, complete the paperwork and relax. Take in the smells and sounds of the lobby; there are plenty of materials to peruse through, as well, if you finish your paperwork early. Help yourself to any refreshments in the waiting room.

Your therapist will have noticed the light and will walk out at your scheduled time. If for any reason, there is a delay, your therapist is probably wrapping up the session with another client. 

The initial session is different from other sessions. During this time, you learn about your therapist's approach and any additional pertinent information. Forms are signed, and payments are collected; however, and most importantly, we discuss your reasons for coming in, and how through collaboration, we can help you meet your goals and get clarity. 

Finally, near the end of the session, your therapist will schedule your next appointment if you decide to continue sessions. Be sure to receive your appointment card from the therapist.

Thank you very much for choosing Clarity Wellness Center to help you along your life's journey and get the skills, techniques, expanded thoughts, and clarity you desire.

  ~Get Clarity! 

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