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Penny For Your Thoughts


Family at a Beach
Image by Aaron Burden

About the Program

Clarity Wellness Center provides mental health services for active duty, retired veteran service members, and their spouse/significant other/partner and children through the "Penny For Your Thoughts" program.

Clarity Wellness will provide 1,000 hours of mental health treatment to military families and veterans beginning February 1, 2020 - February 1, 2021.

The development of this program is to help in efforts to decrease stigma and barriers to treatment and increase mental health services and awareness.

Clarity Wellness Center does not accept insurance. Each appointment is 50 minutes, with a session fee of $0.01. Sessions are confidential, and there is not a pre-determined minimum or maximum session limit.

These sessions can not be booked online.  Please contact Ashia McReynolds at (702) 578-4505 for additional information.

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